Walter Schmitz

"When I take photographs, I connect with the world. It is like a stage on which I am concerned with encounter and relationship, to people in their being and doing, to places and things in their places and things in their interplay, about closeness and distance, about content and form, and about the poetry and magic of the moment. "

 Walter Schmitz's works range from landscape paintings to reflections on the sensitivities of cities and nature, documentations and essays from the world of work and the world of work and youth and pop culture. He has a special preference for his essays from the world of sport and his photographic depiction of movement and moments. Depth and lightness, drama and poetry are what distinguish his images.

From 1978 onwards, Stern published his first long photo reportages and photo essays on subjects such as on youth in the provinces, travel in China's south and predominantly on sports topics, including photo series on "equestrian sports", bobsleigh racing, football in Brazil, ice hockey in the USSR, sport in Arabia, capoeira in Brazil, sport in Korea, boxing in Cuba, football in Africa, football in Italy, New York Marathon, Kentucky Derby, Formula 1.

In addition to awards from the Art Directors Club, Schmitz was honoured with a Picture of the Year Award in 1986 for "mud bike". Picture of the Year Award for "mud bike". At the "World Press Photo Award" 1992 he won 1st prize for his black and white series "Tour de France - Four hours at the Col du Tourmalet". Main exhibitions: "BallWelten", Haus der Fotografie Deichtorhallen, Hamburg, "e-motion Sportwelten", German Sports Museum, Cologne. In 1982 co-founder of the "Bilderberg Agency of Photographers", of which he was a member until 2007. 

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