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Renate Scherra





Photographs by Renate Scherra

The photographer Renate Scherra shows "noir blanche" in the photography gallery
a wonderful and special exhibition with pictures from Yemen.

Renate Scherra's photographs invite the viewer on a journey through time. A journey into the archaic world of the Orient. Images that can no longer be seen in this form. Photographs of a fascinating landscape and architecture, first-hand impressions of people and their culture. Many of the old cultural sites have been destroyed by decades of armed conflict between the various ethnic groups.

The analogue photographs were taken on two trips in 1989 and 1992. The selected motifs are in absolute form in Renate Scherra's own laboratory on barite / museum paper, the premier class of hand prints
Small edition has been enlarged.

Renate Scherra (born 1938), "the Grande Madame der Düsseldorfer / German  photograher scene ”had over decades the specialist laboratory for black and white photography in Düsseldorf, where very much many well-known German and international photographers such as Helmut Newton, Thomas Ruff and other internationally renowned photo artists had their films developed and enlarged.

The photographer Renate Scherra convinced with her analogue photography from 1971 to the present day and the creation of high quality prints on barite / museum paper without digital processing in her own laboratory.

With the proceeds of the exhibition, the gallery noir blanche supports the organization "Doctors without Borders" in their work in Yemen.

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