Christoph Honig

This photographic work by Christoph Honig is part of the work group

"Blossoms & Leaves" and has no name of its own.

The group of works thematises nature as an object of control, exploitation, waste and lack of respect. Cut flowers in a vase are an

a fitting metaphor for this relationship: as beautiful representatives of a tamed nature, they are readily available commodities.

However, the mercenary pleasure of natural beauty has its limits:

it is ephemeral.

Nature is subject to the cycle of becoming and passing away. And the flower

in the vase begins to wither immediately.

It passes through all the stages of ageing with renewed grace, colourfulness and variety of form, for which the photographer is enthusiastic. This slow metamorphosis produces a new biomorphic sculpture that abstracts the original flower form as much as the life within it.

Each individual blossom twists, turns, lolls and wilts almost dance-like in space, as part of the whole, a dance of death, a transformation, a new beginning.

Photographed with sparse light in brown-black space, the ambivalence of the appearance reveals itself: on the one hand, the brutal beauty of the natural change of forms and colours, of contours and texture, and on the other hand, the narrative of the mercilessly destructive exploitation of nature. The visual references to still life painting play with the boundaries of painting and photography and formally repeat the story told.



from the series

"Group picture with glas"

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