Evelyn Richter

Evelyn Richter, born in Bautzen in 1930, is one of the most important photographers in Germany. Evelyn Richter is the first recipient of the Bernd und Hilla Becher Prize from the State Capital NRW Düsseldorf.


There are very few works left on the international art market, as Evelyn Richter`s entire work and archive has been in the Leipzig Museum of Fine Arts for several years.


The Noir blanche galleryhas the very few early works by Evelyn Richter that come from the cycle of musician portraits of the former GDR.


Vintage prints of baryth paper, hans-signed and in the original frame from the Evelyn Richter studio at the time.


A homage to her photographic life`s work, which puts people at the center.



Formats an prices on request.

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