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Christoph Honig


15. May - 23. July 2022

Christoph Honig gives the traditional genre of "flower still life" a new, contemporary twist by photographing the flowers, for example, in a corresponding vase and in the transition from floral splendour to wilting. The whole thing is staged in a dark, not further defined pictorial space and under the influence of as little light as possible.

The wilting bouquet in the vase becomes the next, more developed motif. The interplay of flower shape, vase shape and colours and staged in an undefined space with the sparse light draws attention to this one, special appearance of flower and vase at the centre of the staging. The photographing becomes a gesture of paying attention to the everyday, the trivial and yet infinitely beautiful.

Combining the innovative aspects of painting, the free forms, colour spaces, boundless fictions and abstract constructions with the technical competence and reproduction accuracy of photography is a rewarding and extremely exciting undertaking that greatly captivates and inspires Christoph Honig. The aim is not to create "look a likes" and to photograph "as if painted".




by Walter Schels


The famous photographic series

of Andy Warhol and Joseph Beuys


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